C&I DC-Coupled PV-ESS Solution

C&I applications with peak-valley tariff arbitrage and emergency power supply, in order to ensure reliable electricity consumption and increase the owner's ROI.


  • C&I DC-Coupled PV-ESS Solution

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C&I Energy Storage System 

Battery Optimizer ·  Battery System · Inverter 


  • 1

    Easy O&M

    Modular battery design,
    for easy installation and expansion
    Maintenance-free spare batteries,
    for direct replacement
    Supports phased expansion
    to reduce initial investment costs

  • 2

    Intelligent and high-efficient

    Pack-level active balancing,
    usable battery energy increased by 5%
    Adaptable to high power PV modules,
    high capacity ratio design, lower LCOE
    I-V scanning for precise fault string location

  • 3

    Safe and stable

    AFCI protection increased system safety
    High protection level,
    built to withstand the harshest conditions
    PACK-level thermal runaway

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