• What Are the Advantages of Adding Energy Storage?

    Maximizing Self-Consumption Rates

    Peak-Valley Tariff Arbitrage

    Emergency Power Supply

  • What Challenges are C&I Storage Systems facing?

    Fire and Explosion Risk

    Low System Efficiency

    Troublesome O&M

  • SOFAR PowerIn

    C&I Energy Storage System Solution


    • Inverter

    • Battery System

    • Battery Optimizer

  • Intelligence and Efficiency

    Pack-Level Active Balancing

    Usable battery energy increased by 5%

    Rack-Level Management

    Usable battery energy increased by 3%

    Compatible with High-Current Modules

    1.5+ DC/AC Ratio, Lower LCOE

  • Intelligence and Efficiency

    Built-in PID Recovery

    Reduce power loss

    Intelligent I-V Curve Scanning 

    Fault warning, error analysis and localization

  • Safety and Reliability

    AFCI Protection

    Increased system safety

    High Protection Level

    Built to withstand the harshest conditions

    Optimal Safety

    3-Layer protection | thermal runaway protection | cloud monitoring

  • Simple O&M

    Modular Design, Easy Installation

    Battery pack <50 kg, inverter <75 kg,No professional handling tools required

    Maintenance-Free Spare Batteries, For Direct Replacement

    Lower maintenance costs

    Deployable in Stages

    Reducing initial investment costs

  • SOFAR PowerIn C&I Energy Storage System Solution


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