Utility ESS Solution

SOFAR PowerMaster

Compatible with PV, wind, and thermal power systems, thereby facilitating renewable energy utilization, power output smoothing, peak shifting, frequency regulation and peak load leveling, and also providing auxiliary services to the power grid. It is widely used in power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization.


  • Utility ESS Solution
Utility ESS Solution
Smart String PCS

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SOFAR PowerMaster

Start a new era of "ENERGY STORAGE +"

Toward Master, Powering Forward

  • Air-Liquid Mixing Cooling

  • Modular Design

  • Suitable For Large Cells

  • 3+2 Security System

  • Combined Design

  • High Conversion Efficiency in the Full Power Range


  • 1

    Lower LCOS

  • 2

    Efficient & Flexible

  • 3

    Ultimate Safety

  • 4

    Intelligent & Stable

  • Residential PV System Solution
  • Utility PV System Solution
  • C&I PV System Solution
  • C&I PV-ESS Solution
  • Residential PV-ESS Solution

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