Utility PV System

Suitable for the installation of medium and large-scale PV systems and for connection to the medium-voltage grid via step-up transformers.


  • Utility PV Solution

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SOFAR PowerMega

350KTLX0 Utility PV Inverter

Powering Forward

  • Higher Efficiency

  • Enhanced Safety

  • Optimal User Experience


  • 1

    High-efficienct power generation

    Multiple MPPTs, increasing PV power generation
    Supports high-power dual-sided modules
    Operation at full load under a wide temperature and voltage range

  • 2

    Intelligent & user-friendly

    PLC networking without communication cables
    Integrated PID module
    SVG function for nighttime operation;
    Rapid response to reactive power
    Remote power dispatch

  • 3

    Safe and reliable

    IP66 & C5 corrosion protection
    Smart I-V scanning
    Intelligent string breaking for system safety

  • Poverty alleviation project, Huize, Yunnan Province, China - 2.8 MW

  • India - 30KW

  • Complete village reformation project, Kaifeng, Henan Province - 50 kW

  • Complete village reformation project, Madian Village Party and Community Service Center, Kaifeng, Henan Province - 30 kW

  • Distributed system in cooperation with China National Nuclear Corporation-200 MW

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  • C&I PV-ESS Solution
  • Utility ESS Solution
  • C&I PV System Solution
  • Utility PV System Solution
  • Residential PV-ESS Solution

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