• Residential PV System Solution

    Designed for rooftop and backyard PV installations, the system supports modes including full grid connection, excess power grid connection, and self-consumption.

  • Microinverter System Solution

    Designed for residential rooftop and the balcony scenario, also suitable for all-scenario applications including microinverter, smart energy hub and AC battery, with MLPE technology making the system safer and higher effeciency.

  • Residential PV-ESS Solution

    Main applications include:
    1. Self-consumption, maximizing the utilization of PV resources.
    2. Peak-load shifting, reducing electricity costs.
    3. Off-grid operation, ensuring reliable power supply to critical loads.

  • C&I PV System Solution

    For industrial plants, commercial buildings, and other applications.

  • Utility PV System

    Suitable for the installation of medium and large-scale PV systems and for connection to the medium-voltage grid via step-up transformers.

  • Utility ESS Solution

    Compatible with PV, wind, and thermal power systems, thereby facilitating renewable energy utilization, power output smoothing, peak shifting, frequency regulation and peak load leveling, and also providing auxiliary services to the power grid. It is widely used in power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization.


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