Microinverter System Solution

SOFAR PowerNano

Designed for residential rooftop and the balcony scenario, also suitable for all-scenario applications including microinverter, smart energy hub and AC battery, with MLPE technology making the system safer and higher effeciency.


  • Microinverter System Solution

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SOFAR PowerNano

Powering Forward

  • All-scenario 

  • Safe & Reliable

  • High Yields 

  • Smart O&M


  • 1

    High Yields

    Full power up to 60°C, increased generation
    Independent MPPTs,no PV array mismatch

  • 2

    Safe & Reliable

    Film capacitors for long life
    DC voltage< 60V,No DC arcing fault

  • 3

    Smart O&M

    Simple and user-friendly installation, 50%+ time savings
    Module level monitoring, pinpoint problems accurately

  • Residential PV-ESS Solution
  • Residential PV Solution
  • Utility ESS Solution
  • Utility PV System Solution
  • C&I PV-ESS Solution
  • C&I PV System Solution

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