C&I AC-Coupled ESS Solution

SOFAR PowerMagic

Suitable for the installation of medium and large-scale installations and for connection to the medium-voltage grid via step-up transformers.

  • 690 V Solution
  • 400 V Solution


  • 1

    Efficient & Flexible

    Modular design, flexible system expansion
    Supports parallel operation
    Automatic switching between on- and off-grid operation

  • 2

    Less LCOS

    All-in-one design,high energy density
    Plug-and-play design, quick installation & lower costs

  • 3

    Ultimate Safety

    Advanced 3+2 protection safety design
    Electricity and liquid separation reduces system risks

  • 4

    Smart Management

    Integrated EMS for multi-scenario applications
    Fast state monitoring and fault recording, enables pre-alarm and fault locating

  • Residential PV System Solution
  • Utility ESS Solution
  • C&I PV System Solution
  • C&I PV-ESS Solution
  • Residential PV-ESS Solution

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